Our products reflect the region: soil, climate and elevation of the Black Forest; the local fruit varieties; the meadow orchards with their tall, old trees. All of these combine and define the unique taste.

Serving Recommendation
  • Cider: chilled, but not ice-cold, to best experience the refreshing fruity character (approx. 6C)
  • Perry: cellar temperature – the delicate perry aromas are more accessible at a slightly elevated temperature (approx. 10C)

Cider and perry are best stored upright in a dark and cool location. They will keep well for several years, continuing to mature and evolve.

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Mistelle/oak2021Apple dessert wine in the style of pommeau
19%, cask-aged for 12 months – 500ml
Mistelle/glass2021Apple dessert wine in the style of pommeau
18,4%, aged in glass carboys for 12 months – 500ml
Perry Reserve2019Sparkling perry – cask-aged – 750ml €16
Cobalt Lake
ICC Silver
2020Sparkling perry – single tree bottling – 375ml€8,50
Perry Cuvée
Cider World Silver
2020Sparkling perry – 750ml €16
Yellow S.V.2021Sparkling perry, single varietal – 750ml €16
Schweizer2021Gently sparkling perry, single varietal – 750ml €15,95
Barrel #3Still cider – aged in a whiskey barrique – 750ml
Hungarian oak, 13 months
Barrel #4
ICC Gold
2020Still cider – aged in a whiskey barrique – 750ml
French oak, 9 months
SISGA Bronze
2020SOLD OUT€10
Cider World Silver
Hopped2020Sparkling cider, dry hopped€12
Currant 2020SOLD OUT€14
Tasting GlassesSingle / Set of 6 €7,50 / €40,00
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We produce our cider and perry in the fall, using fresh, fully ripened fruit. It is fermented slowly throughout the winter months and allowed to mature over an extended period. We do not filter, fine or pasteurize; naturally carbonating via in-bottle fermentation. As a result, every vintage has its very own, special character.