Products – CHIPSEAL 2020

CHIPSEAL 2020   Touring Series* Release

This was the first cider to be released from the fabulous harvest of 2020. Bottled while still actively fermenting, it preserves the character of a lively, youthful cider.

This process, also known as Méthode Ancestrale or pétillant naturel, omits the addition of priming sugar for bottle conditioning. Instead, bottle conditioning is achieved via the small amount of residual sugar present at bottling. It requires attention and experience to get this right.

As usual, the cider is 100% fresh juice from local meadow orchards, unfiltered and unpasteurized.

ProductSparkling cider
Process Méthode Ancestrale
Price€ 8,95 incl. VAT
Bottle0,75L champagne bottle
Tasting NotesLots of green apples, zingy acidity, yeasty notes of young wine

Chipseal: a rough road worth exploring
Chipseal is the paving method of choice in the rural and remote areas of the US. Gravel is embedded in a thin layer of asphalt, resulting in a rough surface with loosed aggregate. Cyclists dread it: it takes extra effort and there is always a risk of sliding out in corners. However, the most beautiful sights are often found at the end of a chipseal road.

*Touring Series

This is where we release limited editions and experimental products. You can get an insight into our product development and gain early access. The product names are inspired by our other passion: bicycle touring. Just as we explore out of the way places and beautiful landscapes on our bikes, so you may discover rare and surprising aspects of the world of cider.