Products – Barrel #3

Barrel #3 – 2020

Barrel #3 is one of our barriques: Hungarian oak, previously filled with whiskey. Following primary fermentation, we aged the cider in the barrel for 13 months. Now the acid has mellowed nicely, and the flavors of apple and oak have come together. The flavor profile is very distinct from the fruitier Barrel #4: toffee and tobacco on the nose; and a very smooth and creamy mouth-feel.

It is a rich and many-layered drink, that wants to be savored. We decided to bottle it as a still cider – bubbles would only be a distraction. The flavors really shine when it has warmed up a bit. We recommend serving at around 16 degrees.

ProductCider, still
ProcessFermented to dry and aged in oak
ABV7,0 %
Bottle0,75L Bordeaux bottle
Tasting NotesOn the nose, toffee and tobacco; very mellow and creamy on the palate.
Serving Suggestion14 – 16C
Production285 bottles / 24 cases