Products – Barrel #4

Barrel #4 – 2020 (ICC Gold Medal Winner)

Barrel #4 is one of our barriques: French oak, previously filled with whiskey. Following primary fermentation, we aged the cider in the barrel for 9 months. Now the acid has mellowed nicely, and the flavors of apple and oak have come together.

It is a rich and many-layered drink, that wants to be savored. We decided to bottle it as a still cider – bubbles would only be a distraction. The flavors really shine when it has warmed up a bit. We recommend serving at around 16 degrees.

Barrel #4 was awarded a gold medal and best in class trophy at the International Cider Challenge 2022 in London. Here are some comments from the tasting panel:

  • Gorgeous peaty whiskey nose. Lovely colour. Smooth tasting.
  • This works, really works
  • Well balanced whisky and apple notes. Balanced all rounder that really works. Lingering finish. Easy to drink for a wood aged cider. Clean and fresh coconut vibes
ProductCider, still
ProcessFermented to dry and aged in oak
ABV7,0 %
Bottle0,75L Bordeaux bottle
Tasting NotesOn the nose, Whiskey and fruit; on the palate, notes of toasted wood and bright apple; tannin and acid are very present, without dominating.
Serving SuggestionRoom temperature
Production300 bottles / 25 cases