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Yellow 2021, single varietal

Gelbmöstler translates to yellow perry pear, which describes this pear very well. It is a small, round pear that is very common in the meadow orchards of the region. Originating in Switzerland, it spread to Austria and southern Germany in the early 1800s. It is prized for the fruit quality and the strong growth of the tree.

Sadly, the Gelbmöstler’s strong growth also makes it highly susceptible to fire blight. As a result it has disappeared from many areas in which it was once common. Luckily, this disease is rarely a problem at our elevation.

We bottled this single varietal perry pét nat to highlight the elegant fruit with a minimum of manipulation.

ProductSparkling perry, single varietal
ProcessPétillant naturel
ABV6,8 %
Bottle0,75L champagne bottle
Tasting NotesElegant fruit with balanced tannins and acidity. Surprisingly complex for a single varietal.
Serving suggestionCellar temperature
Production 138 bottles / 11 cases