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Perry Reserve 2019

We aged a 2019 perry for a full 13 months in an oak cask, allowing plenty of time to soften the acidity and relax the tannins. At bottling we blended with 30% of our 2020 Perry Cuvée, adding a layer of fruitiness to the woody character of the cask-aged liquid.

The result is astonishing. All of the components have come together to yield a fruity, bold, and utterly delicious beverage.

ProductSparkling perry
ProcessFermented to dry, cask-aged 13 months, bottle-conditioned
ABV6,5 %
Bottle0,75L champagne bottle
Tasting NotesOak, wild herbs, citrus, pear … it’s a trip! Pairs really well with smoked foods.
Serving suggestionCellar temperature
Production 202 bottles / 16 cases