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We have a large selection of different ciders and perries available year round. It can be hard to make up your mind. Let us assist you by selecting one of our curated tasting boxes. Exploring the world of cider and perry couldn’t be any easier.

Discover your personal favorites while experiencing the broad range that cider and perry offer.

Tasting Box Mixed

The perfect entry into the universe of cider. This box includes a representative selection of our ciders and perries.

  • 3 bottles of cider 750ml
  • 3 bottles of perry 750ml
  • 80,- includes VAT and shipping within Germany

Tasting Box Cider

You want to delve into cider? Our box of ciders showcases the many facets of the drink: from sparkling and refreshing to more complex barrel-aged products.

  • 6 bottles of cider 750ml
  • 75,- includes VAT and shipping within Germany

Tasting Box Perry

Perry is still largely unknown, except to afficianados. Join the inner circle and discover the delights of the pear – a fine perry is on par with a high quality white wine or even champagne. We think you will soon be a convert.

  • 6 bottles of perry 750ml
  • 90,- includes VAT and shipping within Germany