Cider Club

Cider Club

Would you like to stay in touch with us throughout the year? Receive periodic shipments of curated and special ciders; find out more about how each variety is produced; and receive additional members-only benefits? Then you should consider becoming a member of the 1785 Cider Club!

What’s included

  • twice a year receive 3 specially selected bottles, including detailed notes. Shipments go out in December and June/July.
  • exclusive access to new and limited releases: We will notify you 2 weeks in advance of making new releases available to the general public.
  • 10% discount on all purchases and event bookings

How to join

Annual membership is 95€ and ends automatically after a year – you do not need to remember to unsubscribe. If you would like to extend your membership, simply sign up for another year.

You can become a member anytime and will receive the next scheduled shipment. If you sign up by December 1st, the first shipment will be in time for the holidays. Simply send us an email to join up.

Cider Club as a gift

We are happy to invoice you and send a separate welcome note in your name to the recipient of the gift.