Cider Review: Five perries and ciders from 1785

Five perries and ciders from 1785

In the english-speaking cider scene, Cider Review is highly regarded for the breadth and depth of its coverage. If you are at all interested in where cider is headed, or want to discover top notch craft ciders and their producers, you should definitely visit the site.

We were more than thrilled that our products caught the attention of Cider Review and were recently reviewed by the peerless Adam Wells, in the context of a longer piece on orchard-based cider making.

Here are a few teasers – but you should really read the full piece

A tangy, full-flavoured bottle of exuberant joy. Another win for dry cider.

Big flavours to match big mousse and more big tannin. We have an epic food-pairer and a candidate for ageing here and no mistake. If you can bear to leave it, that is. 

A delicious, fresh perry with real heft. Thorn meets Flakey Bark for sure.

Adam Wells, Cider Review