Perry Book

Perry – The Book

Perry, Poiré, Birnenwein … wine from pears is made in many countries of Europe, the US and even Asia. It traces its origins all the way to the ancient Romans, possibly even beyond. In spite of this, it is virtually unknown.

Finally that is set to change: Perry – A Drinker’s Guide is the first book that focuses exclusively on this wonderful yet elusive beverage.

Written by the peerless Adam Wells, one of the most respected and well loved voices in the cider scene, the book appeals to both newbies and those that have already encountered perry. Everybody, for example, is familiar with the most common varieties of wine grapes like Riesling, Sauvignon or Pinot. But who knows what a wine made from Bayerische Weinbirne, Dorschbirne, or Plant de Blanc tastes like? Just the chapter of tasting notes for the most important perry pear varieties alone is worth the price of admission.

1785 Cider also gets a mention in the chapter on German producers. We are honored to be featured among just 5 producers from Germany; on par with big names like Jörg Geiger and Andreas Schneider. We must be doing something right.

1785 … Their perries are always meticulously crafted, always faultless and always absolute in their expression of the pear, or pears. A maker whose wares I constantly wish I could access more easily.

Inside the unique perry guide:

·       Journey Through Time: Uncover the history of perry, from its humble origins to its rise as a cherished drink, paving its way to reclaim its well-deserved prominence.

·       Pear Varieties Unveiled: Gain insight into the flavours brought forth by different pear varieties. Delve into the fascinating differences between Perry pears and culinary pears, enhancing your appreciation for this delightful beverage.

·       The Making of Perry: Explore the intricate process of harvesting, pressing, fermenting, maturation, and packaging. Get a glimpse into the challenges faced by Perry producers and learn about common Perry faults to ensure an exceptional drinking experience.

·       Styles and Flavours: Immerse yourself in the diverse styles of perry, including still, pét-nat, bottle conditioned, and traditional (champagne) methods. Expand your palate and discover your personal favourite.

·       The Art of Perry Enjoyment: Get expert insights on tasting techniques, the perfect serving temperatures, and the ideal glassware to elevate your perry enjoyment to new heights.

·       Global Revelations: Embark on a journey around the world as we explore perry in various countries and regions. Uncover the history, discover renowned producers, and indulge in tasting notes that will transport you to each unique location.

·       Perry Pairings: Elevate your culinary adventures with perry by uncovering suggested food matches for different Perry styles.

·       Shaping the perry Future: Conclude your journey with an overview of the modern state of perry and the exciting possibilities that lie ahead. Ponder the potential this exceptional drink holds for the years to come.