Products – Cask-Aged Perry 2022

Tiefgründig 2022 cask-aged perry

After initial bulk fermentation, this perry was allowed to mature for 6 months in a second-fill oak barrel. During this time, oak tannins slowly dissolve into the liquid; and a slight amount of oxygen entering through the wood pores helps to round off any rough edges.

The result is a delicious, full-bodied and complex drink, in which the flavors of fruit and wood mingle harmoniously.

Wood-aged perries are uncommon because of the risk of acetic off-flavors developing during aging. We think the enhanced flavor is worth the risk and take extra care to provide you with an impeccable product.

Almost all of our products are sparkling. However, once in a while we encounter a cider or perry that demands your full attention; in which bubbles would only be a distraction. We chose to bottle this one still – the elegant Alsatian wine bottles are the perfect complement for this sophisticated drink.

ProductStill perry
ProcessFermented to dry, aged 6 months in oak
ABV7,2 %
Bottle0,7L wine bottle
Tasting NotesOak, wild herbs, citrus, pear … bold flavors and full body
Serving suggestion
Kellertemperatur, ca. 10 C
Production150 bottles / 12 cases