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Cobalt Lake 2022 (SISGA 2023 Silver Medal)

The Black Forest landscape is dotted with huge, ancient pear trees. Up to 200 years old, these gnarly giants are remnants from the time when subsistence farmers relied on them to feed their animals and themselves.

These are true perry pears, bursting with sugar, flavor and TANNIN – perfect for making high quality perry. However, harvesting and processing is very laborious. The pears are small, ripen over an extended period, and often do not store well. We will visit a tree 5-10 times in a season, to ensure that we are only getting perfectly ripe fruit.

We gladly make this effort, because the results are worth it. The perry is on par with anything coming out of England or Austria.

Cobalt Lake is the product of two very special trees in our meadow orchard: Pastorenbirne and Luxemburgian perry pear. It is remarkably different from the Perry Cuvée, sourced from the very same location. The trees do not bear every year; but when they do, the resulting perry is incredible.

ProductSingle orchard sparkling perry
ProcessFermented to dry and bottle conditioned
ABV8 %
Bottle0,75L champagne bottle
Tasting NotesLime and pear mingle, with hints of nectarine hovering on the edge. Delicate citrusy acidity with distinct but gentle tannin. Really easy drinking, but take the time to let it warm a bit in the glass to discover all of its nuances.
Serving suggestionChilled
Production333 bottles

Cobalt Lake: a diamond in the wilderness
Cobalt Lake
is a glacier-fed lake in Montana’s Glacier National Park. It takes a challenging 8 Km hike to reach it’s location, nestled below Chief Lodgepole Peak. If the view hasn’t already taken your breath away, a jump into the icy waters surely will.