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Spontan 2022

The name says it all: spontaneously fermented with indigenous yeast, without addition of sulfites, fining or filtration. It is the truest expression of the orchard fruit, carrying on the old tradition of Black Forest farmstead cider.

After 12 months of bulk fermentation and 5 months of cask-aging we bottled this cider with just enough priming sugar to provide a pleasant effervescence. A small layer of lees at the bottom of the bottle is typical for this artisanal method of bottle-conditioning.

ProductSparkling dry cider
ProcessFermented to dry, cask-aged and bottle conditioned
ABV7,8 %
Bottle0,75L Champagne bottle
Tasting NotesZingy acid and fruit is followed by earthy notes of wood and forest floor that are typical for our native yeasts.
Serving suggestionChilled
Production373 bottles / 31 cases