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Mistelle 2020

Mistelle is the technical term for a blend of juice and brandy, e.g. Port wine. Our apple mistelle is made from freshly pressed juice, blended with our own cider brandy, then aged for 12 months in an oak cask.

The higher alcohol content gives it a huge nose, full of intense and sweet apple aromas; on the palate these are nicely balanced by the fruity acidity of the heirloom apples. Enjoy it as an apéritif or savor it leisurely as a digestif.

ProductApple dessert wine
ProcessMistelle, aged 12 months in oak
ABV18,0 %
Price€ 22,95 incl. VAT
Tasting NotesSweetness and acidity complement each other; the intense aroma of ripe apples is underpinned by the earthy and woody notes of oak.
Serving suggestionRoom temperature in a Port wine glass
Production208 bottles / 17 cases