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Mistelle is the technical term for a blend of juice and brandy, e.g. Port wine or Pineau. Our apple mistelle is made from freshly pressed juice, blended with our own cider eau de vie, then aged for a minimum of 1 year in oak casks or glass carboys.

The higher alcohol content gives it a huge nose, full of intense and sweet apple aromas; on the palate these are nicely balanced by the fruity acidity of the heirloom apples. Enjoy it as an apéritif or savor it leisurely as a digestif.

ProductDessert wine
ProcessMistelle, aged in oak and/or glass
ABV17 – 19 %
Tasting NotesOAK: Sweetness and acidity complement each other; the intense aroma of ripe apples is underpinned by the earthy and woody notes of oak; mouthfeel is lush and velvety.

GLASS: defined fruit and fresh acidity, balanced by ample natural sugars. A lighter version of the cask-aged Mistelle.

PEAR: Cider Club Exclusive
This limited edition was made from 100% perry pears and aged for 2 years. Very lush and smooth with intense, honeyed notes.
Serving suggestionRoom temperature in a Port wine glass
ProductionOAK: 500 bottles / 41 cases
GLASS: 120 bottles / 10 cases
PEAR: 60 bottles / 5 cases

Mistelle is something very special and deserves a special label: Each vintage features an original art work. Find out more about the images and the artists:

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